Name:  The Association shall be called the “GOMAL UNIVERSITY ACADEMIC STAFF ASSOCIATION (GUASA)".

Explanation: In this constitution unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context the following mean:

1.      Associate Member” means retired Regular Member, part-time teacher and research fellow who regularly pays monthly subscription.

2.      Association” means the Gomal University Academic Staff Association.

3.      Constitution” means the Constitution of the Gomal University Academic Staff Association.

4.      Council” means Executive Council of Association.

5.      General Body” means all Regular Members of the  Association.

6.      Honorary Member” means person to whom Executive Council recommends and General Body confers Membership on the basis of rendering meritorious services to the cause of education.

7.      Regular Member” means a full-time salaried teacher/ researcher in the NPS-16 and above in the Faculties, Institutes,  Teaching Departments and Constituent College (excluding school side).

8.      University” means the Gomal Universitry dera Ismail Khan.

Aims and Objective:

  1. to promote social, educational and cultural activities;
  2. to promote general welfare of the Member and to safeguard their interests;
  3. to collaborate with other organizations in furthering the interest of education;
  4. to cooperate with national and international organizations of teachers;
  5. to organize seminars, discussions and lectures;
  6. to undertake such other activities may be deemed suitable and necessary by the Association to achieve its objective.

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