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The Department of Soil Science was initiated in 1982 in the Faculty of Agriculture, Gomal University, D. I. Khan. It was renamed as Department of Soil and


 Environmental Sciences (SES) in 2009 after approval from the relevant bodies. The Department comprises of expert professionals in research, teaching and


extension of soil and environmental sciences with focus on the following vision:


Teaching, conducting research and running extension/training/workshops/awareness programs to address the food and fiber needs of the society, water


quality, natural resource management, and environmental remediation in the changing world climate.



Highly qualified faculty, expert staff and students fulltime engaged to address the emerging soil, water, crops and environmental issues of local to global


significance, including climate change, contaminant remediation, and the sustainable management of land and water resources. 

Mission Statement


Department of Soil and Environmental sciences is working as one of the major specialization of Agriculture with the mission to educate students, train  


farmers and carry out research on soil and environment, being the most precious natural resources. The Department provides opportunities to the graduate


and post graduate students to work in the field and laboratory to address the various problems related to soil, water,  


crops and environment and also to explore various options used for their conservation and efficient use for the betterment of society.





Objectives of Program

·        To create an environment conducive for learning and students oriented.

·        To divert the expertise and research efforts towards solving the soil, water and environment problems of the area.

·        To work for conservation of the existing soil & water resources and find new ones.

·        To popularize the new idea of climate smart agriculture, efficient use of inputs and crops diversification among the farmers of the area.

·        To establish national & international linkages with the departments of other universities.

·        To equip the students and the faculty with the latest techniques in Soil Science and Environmental Science by national and international level courses.

·        To arrange Seminars, Conferences, Trainings and Workshops to provide a forum of discussion and exchange of ideas by the students, faculty, other

stake holders and experts in the field.

·        To carry out research onsoil problems, productivity, nutrients, use of waste water, sludge, industrial and organic wastes in agriculture, food chain contamination, heavy metal contamination and their phytoremediation etc.

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