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The faculty of agriculture was established in December 1979. It is situated on D.I.Khan- D.G.Khan highway, about half kilometer from DIK city. With its viable academic standing, fine building, grassy lawns and geometrically carved out demonstration plots for seasonal crops, the Faculty is reckoned as a flourishing institution, spread over an area of 215 Canals. Recently the Faculty has been assigned an opportunity to develop and irrigate land at the new campus of the Formal University, which is lying barren since the inception of the University. The Faculty has accepted this challenge with the objectives to convert this land into a green farm designed for the future experimentation and a source of income generation for the University. The faculty is hosting research activities and several Soil Science. PhD programmed has also been undertaken improve the qualification of their staff. For this pursuit research projects are under investigation. These projects hostels for students, who come from out stations.












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