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As we know that the world's population estimated to reach 9.6 billion by 2050, more food and more nutritious food will be needed, making crop plants even more important to feed a hungry world. Plant Breeding is a critical tool in the fight for food security. Plant Breeding and Genetics at Gomal University is a home to many distinguished scientists performing extraordinary in different domains all over Pakistan.

The department provides excellent teaching and research facilities to students and scholars through conventional and non-conventional advance techniques. The faculty and staff are devoted to excellence in education. The department’s goal is to provide state of the art techniques to students and scholars. In addition, the department trains work force to tackle the low production of crop yield i.e. qualitatively and quantitatively to overcome the main problem of food deficiency in the country.

The Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics is currently offering B.Sc.(Hons) 4 years, M.Sc.(Hons) 2 years and Ph.D programs. During B.Sc. (Hons) and M.Sc. (Hons) students has been taught courses and research methodologies related to crop improvement, cytology, cytogenetics, biometry, quantitative genetics, molecular genetics and tissue culture. After completing this degree, students have gained fundamental knowledge in Plant Breeding that can be applied to a range of crops including annual and perennial horticultural crops, agronomic food and feed crops and forestry products. The Department offers advanced courses and research guidance to Ph.D scholars. At present the department has 30 enrolled students (undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D). In PBG Department, you will find the teaching and research environment friendly, student centered, and ethical.


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