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These interdepartmental and interuniversity research laboratories provide stimulating interaction among the research programs of Gomal and other universities departments and give students the opportunity to become familiar with research work in various disciplines of the chemistry.
There are also opportunities for research in cooperation with other Departments such as Biology, Chemical Engineering, Earth, Atmospheric Sciences, and Physics.

This spectrum of research activity combined with a variety of challenging graduate subjects, study tour of different chemical industries and seminars delivered by local and invited scholars provide our graduate students with the solid foundation needed for a meaningful professional career and a lifetime of independent learning. To broaden the view of the students the Department invites eminent scientists of the country every year to deliver lectures over here in their respective field of expertise. This program is run in collaboration with UGC.
It is this combination which makes our graduate in chemistry capable of adapting both to the changing demands of his or her profession and to the career opportunities encountered.










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