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The Department of English Literature was established in 1989 in the Arts Block on the new campus. Keeping in view the paucity of funds and facilities, the university decided to develop this program gradually. Therefore, initially the services! of certain number of teachers were acquired by the university on deputation. The department not only caters to the needs of this area but is also serving KPK and an adjacent district of the Punjab i.e. Bhakkar District. .

The department has a library currently containing nearly five thousand books on literature and linguistics but is being furnished continually with latest critical works in order to overcome the growing needs of the students. Seminars, extension lectures, students' presentations & group discussion are also regularly arranged to promote talent, exchange of expertise and to give the students exposure.

The department also provides the students with audio-visual aids in order to help the students improve their communication skills. The department has a faculty of seven teachers; two of them are enrolled in Ph.D programs. The department also intends to launch B,A(Hons) 4 year in addition to 2 year M.A (English) regular program as soon as the basic infrastructure is provided.










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